WordPress Essentials

In this short article, let’s go over some basic terms in regards to WordPress sites. So, in the video you have a plain out of the box WordPress site. There are no visuals and colors yet in the beginning. This is just an example to talk about some of the basic terms and then in the future videos we will get more into the mechanics behind the scenes as far as the administrative dashboard as well as procedures for creating posts or editing a page as well as creating the menu system and a short introduction to shortcuts.

So, very quickly here, bear in mind that each WordPress site will look different. They may have some of these elements in different locations. And different orientations and directions, but for the most part these WordPress site will have the same elements.

Most WordPress sites will have the name of the site. And sometimes too in the top left hand corner of the site there might be a site description where in the video’s case, it just says sample blog site.

The whole top area of a WordPress site is usually referred to both in WordPress terminology as well as headers or things that appear on top of all of your pages. In a global sense, they are called header elements. One of the elements in the top header area would be the navigation bar. In this case, we have a navigation bar consisting of “home,” “about,” and “blog.” This case will be called the main navigation.