Why Learn WordPress

Welcome to our look at getting started with WordPress. There’s so much that we want to show you. Let’s get started with a quick look at exactly what WordPress is and why do we want to use it, why is it such a big deal. So, let’s answer the burning question that may very well be on your mind right now, “Why WordPress?”

First of all, a lot of times people think WordPress, they instantly think blogging. Well, WordPress isn’t just for blogs. It originally was built as a blogging tool, but because it has such a strong online community, but has such strong support, it’s capabilities have expanded. We can now use WordPress to run traditional, static websites. If we are a photographer, or an artist, or an author, we can use WordPress to publish our content online.

If you’re a small business owner, you can use WordPress to build an online store, or a monthly subscription website if you wanted to, and a whole lot more. It’s incredibly powerful. And because WordPress is free and open source it has a huge online community as we have just mentioned.

The only expense that we have is the cost of our domain name. We’ll see this in some upcoming exercises. Maybe about 10 dollars a year. And another 5 dollars a month for extra fees.

It is so popular and has such a massive online community. About 22% of all new websites are created with WordPress.