The Features and Functionalities of WordPress

March 22, 2015, , Comments Off on The Features and Functionalities of WordPress

Over 100,000 WordPress sites are created daily. WordPress has become the most powerful blogging platform in the world. Here are the features and functionalities of WordPress.

1. Posts

Here you can find Add New, where you create and publish new content to your website and/or blog. You can also find Categories, where you can organize your posts by type or structure. And you can use tags, where you can use key word identifiers to search your posts.

2. Media

Here you can upload documents to your WordPress site that you can later embed into pages and posts. You can put images, documents, audio, and video.

3. Links

Add and organize the sites in which you would like to link to form your website or blog.

4. Pages

Create static pages for your site. Example: Home, About, Contact Us, etc.



View, Edit, Approve, Disapprove, and Administer comments left by readers of your website or blog.

6. Appearance

Themes – easily change the look of your website without affecting the content.

Widgets – drag and drop different features and/or functionalities into your site’s sidebar.

Menus – control the navigation and link structure of your site or blog.

Background – easily install a custom background for your site.

Editor – manually edit or update the PHP code for your site. This is for advanced users.


7. Plugins

Search and install custom plugins into your website. This gives you the ability to use advanced features and functions without having to manually code them.

8. Users

Add, edit, and delete members from your website. Control permissions granting certain rights to certain users.

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