Some Cool Facts About WordPress That You Probably Didn’t Know

July 9, 2013, , Comments Off on Some Cool Facts About WordPress That You Probably Didn’t Know

As of March 2012, WordPress is on 72.4 million different websites around the globe making WordPress the most widely used and popular CMS in existence.

By the end of 2011, it was estimated that around 20-25% of all new websites published were built using the WordPress platform.

For existing websites, the rate is around 16%.

To date, there have been 98 version releases of WordPress. In 2011, WordPress was responsible for 14.7% of the top 1,000,000 websites in the entire world. Just a handful of examples of the sites using WordPress include Honda, the NFL, the New York Times, Ford, CNN, Harvard Law School, NASA, BBC Top Gear, TechCrunch, National Geographic, Adobe Blogs, and numerous others.


48% of the top 100 blogs as ranked by Technocrati, currently use WordPress as their CMS. Of the 48% that use WordPress, 39% are self-hosted, 9% are WordPress hosted.

The top three self-hosted WordPress blogs on the Technorati top 100 list are:

-Think Progress



All three of these hugely popular websites currently use Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin.


WordPress is the 18th most popular website in the United Kingdom. 22 of every 100 new domains created in the US are running WordPress. Indonesians are the most prolific WordPress users on the planet – is the 8th most popular site in Indonesia.

40 is the number of complete official translations of WordPress, with many others coming.

Over 352 million people view more than 2.5 million pages in an average month on WordPress.

Many social networking and multimedia publishing platforms are tightly integrated with

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