The History Of WordPress In A Timeline

July 2, 2007, , Comments Off on The History Of WordPress In A Timeline

In 2003, Matt Mullenweg and MIke LItte forked the blogging software b2 to create WordPress. The first official release was v.0.7.

In 2004 Version v1.0 was released with v1.0.1 code named Miles Davis shortly after Ping-O-Matic is released to notify search engines of new blog content.

bbPress which is a forum based application based heavily on WordPress is released as well. v1.2 Mingus released in May contained many changes and improvements chief of which were the plugin system.

In 2005 v1.5 Strayhorm included the Kubrick default theme and a new static page feature.


v2.0 Duke added rich editing and image uploading. Akistmet launched with the aim of stopping the growing menace of comment spam. is launched from private beta then.

Matt Mullenweg and others form a company called Automattic in 2005 as well.

In 2006, Automattic hires former Yahoo executive Toni Schneider as CEO. Automattic raises 1.1 million dollars in funding. The first WordCamp was held in San Francisco was held in 2006 too, and was attended by over 300 people.


In 2007 v2.1 Ella was released in January and included improved content management options. WordPress won a Packt Open Source CMS award in this year too. As well as the passing of 1 million users.

v2.1.2 was released to fix a major security vulnerability found in v2.1.1

v2.2 Getz saw the arrival of the widget system that allowed users to add information to dynamic sidebar in themes.

Themes containing sponsored links were removed from the Official WordPress Theme directory.

v2.3 Dexter featured native tagging support.

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