A Comparison Of Two Mobile Plugins For WordPress

June 17, 2006, , Comments Off on A Comparison Of Two Mobile Plugins For WordPress

Let’s first look at Bravenewcode. This was created using WPtouch Pro. It serves to mobilize existing website and content.

It does not have free support. Brave New Code offers great support and updates to WPtouch pro in the forum, the free version of WP touch does not get access to the support forum.

There is a free basic version available.

49 dollars is the price for single site, documentation, but no support. 99 dollars can have up to 5 sites, documentation but no support. 199 dollars is for unlimited sites, all features documentation and support.

The features are included in the plugin, depending on the package you select. The style, mobile ads, current sites content can be seen in the infographic below.


Now let’s look at Plugin Chief. Thhis was created by Mobile Chief. It serves as a drag and drop your own content and elements.

Plugin Chief offers free support to all users in the forum. The plugin you find free on the WP repository, is the main plugin that is updated, with all the add ons available separately.

There is a free basic version available.

Per add on and styled theme comes at 10 dollars to 25 dollars. With 125 dollars, you get unlimited sites, all add ons and themes.

The add ons include individual add ons for it’s free plugin, people can pick and choose what add ons they need, or get them all with the membership.


The two apps have something in common. They make web apps for iOS and android, and they have video and social links.

When you’re creating a website, for example for your 天然酵素 product, you can use any of these two plugins. However, decide carefully. Especially when you are in a tight budget.